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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Cisco Jumps on the Azure Bandwagon

10 Feb, 2017

Cisco's goal is to provide an easily deployable, cloud-ready solution for the data center that can support infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service architectures for highly scalable, dynamic workloads. ...More >

Decisions, Decisions: IT in a Changing Digital Environment

08 Feb, 2017

The speed of emerging data operations will dictate that changes will be fast and furious going forward, so IT infrastructure must be flexible above all, and that includes the people who oversee it. ...More >

Chatbots Poised to Invade the Enterprise

07 Feb, 2017

Functions ranging from infrastructure provisioning and deployment to social collaboration and workflow management will likely change radically through chatbot conversational user interfaces, to the point where the enterprise itself becomes a living member of the team. ...More >

The SDDC Ready to Step Up

06 Feb, 2017

If the advantages of software-defined infrastructure over hardware-defined infrastructure can be summed up in one word, it would be flexibility. ...More >

Striving Toward the Optimal Data Environment

03 Feb, 2017

A fully optimized data ecosystem, of course, is a constantly moving target. Once a certain level of service has been achieved, the push begins for the next level. ...More >

Tapping the Real Benefits of the Cloud

01 Feb, 2017

As the cloud becomes more adept at providing highly targeted, even customized, enterprise services, its efficacy as a means to support even critical workloads will soon be too great to ignore. ...More >

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