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No Easy Answers to Digital Integration

31 Jan, 2017

One way or another, digitization will hit every enterprise. The only question is whether a given organization will manage the change in ways that suit its particular needs or be swept along in broader currents. ...More >

In the Consumer/Enterprise Technology Divide, Consumers Are Winning

30 Jan, 2017

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the same technologies and applications that inhabit our personal lives should infiltrate our workdays as well. ...More >

Where AI Will Hit the Enterprise First

25 Jan, 2017

By taking on much of the tedium in basic level data and infrastructure management, AI not only provides for a more trouble-free data experience, it allows people to excel at what they do best: engage in creative problem-solving and develop high-value opportunities. ...More >

The Right Time and Place for Object Storage

24 Jan, 2017

Object storage can wear many hats in the enterprise, but user needs should always come first. Until it can support the full gamut of applications and workloads, object storage should at best remain first among equals in the storage environment. ...More >

Can Containers Rescue the Hybrid Cloud?

23 Jan, 2017

Containers are designed around the concept of portability, so not only are they a boon to hybrid infrastructure but on-premises and multi-cloud environments, as well. ...More >

Targeting the Operational Side of the Data Lake

20 Jan, 2017

The data lake is still very much a work in progress, and it will be some time before the industry has gained enough experience to manage it on an operational level on par with legacy data center or even cloud-based infrastructure. ...More >

Is Hyperscale Consolidation Really a Good Thing?

18 Jan, 2017

Even as the enterprise industry migrates to the cloud, it might be beneficial to examine some of the downsides to the hyperscale trend, particularly the consequences of consolidating resources onto a relatively finite number of physical data centers around the world. ...More >

Tough Choices in Digital Transformation

17 Jan, 2017

Instead of focusing on broad themes like “digital transformation,” organizations would do better to focus on specific technologies, like containers, and deploy them with clear and measurable goals in mind. ...More >

Making Shadow IT Work for the Enterprise

17 Jan, 2017

Shadow IT can only remain in the shadows if IT allows it. Providing greater autonomy to users, developers, business units and tech admins will produce a more dynamic, flexible approach to workflow management. ...More >

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