Infrastructure : December 2016 Archives

Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

Extreme Technologies and the Enterprise

16 Dec, 2016

A look at some of the less-developed technologies that stand a good chance of upending things all over again for the enterprise, once the current advancements have made their marks. ...More >

AI in the Enterprise: The Future Starts Now

14 Dec, 2016

With artificial intelligence, how exactly will the world of IT change when platforms themselves are primarily responsible for configuring, provisioning and monitoring the data ecosystem? ...More >

The IoT in 2017

13 Dec, 2016

The IoT may be shaping up to be one of the dominant development trends in the new year as vendors across multiple industries try to capitalize on a connected universe. ...More >

The Data Center in 2017 and Beyond

13 Dec, 2016

The complex, costly data center behemoth that has served as a necessary evil for so long is now ripe for a significant makeover, but exactly what form it will assume going forward is still an open question. ...More >

IoT in the Cloud: The Next Phase of Enterprise Infrastructure

09 Dec, 2016

It is important to remember that while this cloud-based IoT ecosystem is where many providers want to take the enterprise, it is still unclear how far the enterprise is willing to follow. ...More >

What’s Up with Digital Transformation?

07 Dec, 2016

Enterprise executives need to take a hard look at their existing business lines to determine how they may be vulnerable to a digital services model. This is digital transformation. ...More >

The Key Elements of the Hybrid Cloud

06 Dec, 2016

The hybrid cloud is evolving along a strange sort of dichotomy as the year comes to a close: It is getting easier to deploy but more challenging to optimize. ...More >

Disk or Solid State Is Only the First of Many Options

05 Dec, 2016

For the time being, there is still a wealth of legacy applications that perform just fine with magnetic media and will likely provide value to the enterprise for a while longer. ...More >

Momentum Gains for SDx

02 Dec, 2016

The growth of SDx technology, which covers everything from networking and storage to end-to-end data center platforms, is expected to affect a wealth of industry verticals and will boost key IT segments. ...More >

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