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Data center and networking architecture to keep your data safe and moving

An Orchestrated Cloud Is an Effective Cloud

30 Nov, 2016

Orchestration helps bridge the divides that exist across cloud platforms and gives users the ability to meet their data needs with a great deal of autonomy. ...More >

Justifying the Hybrid Cloud: It’s All About the Application

29 Nov, 2016

Hybrids are emerging as primary solutions for key application loads rather than general-purpose data support. ...More >

Managing the HCI Transition

28 Nov, 2016

HCI will most likely find a home in both the public and private cloud, but it probably won’t become the de facto infrastructure solution across the entire enterprise landscape. ...More >

What Machine Learning Really Brings to the Enterprise

18 Nov, 2016

It turns out that machines can only learn in a fairly limited fashion and their true potential for mastering higher-order functions is largely theoretical. ...More >

Chip Makers Vie for Machine-Learning Dominance

16 Nov, 2016

Many artificially intelligent machine-learning capabilities are being programmed into silicon, placing them at the foundation of all the virtual, abstract data architectures that follow. ...More >

Hype, Not Big Data, Got the Election Wrong

15 Nov, 2016

In the end, it wasn’t Big Data that failed in the election, it was the hype surrounding it. ...More >

On-Premises Can Be Just as Effective as On-Cloud

14 Nov, 2016

This will be one of the true ironies of the cloud era: Even as management and maintenance becomes simplified, deployment and configuration responsibilities will mount. ...More >

The Cloud Market Is Growing, in Complexity

11 Nov, 2016

Reports are calling for a continuation of last year’s double-digit growth for 2017 and beyond, but it is fair to say that some earlier assumptions about cloud computing have not panned out, at least not yet. ...More >

Nutanix and the Cloud-Based Virtual Data Center

09 Nov, 2016

The broad outlines of the transition from static, integrated data systems to distributed virtual environments seems clear. ...More >

Apple Trying to Make the iCloud More Enterprise-Friendly

08 Nov, 2016

Apple has been trying to make headway into the enterprise for a number of years now, with varying degrees of success. ...More >

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