Governance and Risk : November 2011 Archives

From regulatory compliance to corporate governance structure, everyone is involved

Facebook Settles FTC Charges, Pledges to Become Privacy Leader

30 Nov, 2011

Facebook is facing the Federal Trade Commission's music for privacy violations. The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday the leading social network has agreed to 20 years of privacy audits, among other ...More >

FCC Leans Toward Disapproving AT&T, T-Mobile Merger

24 Nov, 2011

AT&T and T-Mobile are likely out of luck. BusinessWeek reported Wednesday the Federal Communications Commission appears to have decided the combination of the two companies is not in the best ...More >

Microsoft-Novell Antitrust Case Continues

23 Nov, 2011

Considering the government's antitrust litigation against Microsoft dragged on for a decade, I'm not surprised to see Novell's antitrust case against the software juggernaut still in the headlines. ...More >

Ruling on S3 Graphics Patent Complicates Apple-HTC Fight

22 Nov, 2011

Let's see. The last time we checked in on Apple and HTC as they battled it out in court, Apple stood at least a perceived disadvantage. Google sold a batch of smartphones to the Taiwanese company in ...More >

Diaspora Founders Continue Quest for Free and Private Internet

18 Nov, 2011

When customer displeasure over Facebook's privacy problems reached its peak a while back, users went so far as to stage a "Quit Facebook Day." At the same time, a social network claiming to be the ...More >

Bill Would Limit FCC Review of Proposed Mergers

10 Nov, 2011

President Obama just nominated two of the Federal Communications Commission's former legal advisers to fill the seats that are already or soon will be vacant. As new commissioners, one of the things ...More >

Obama Taps FCC Insiders to Fill Empty Commission Seats

03 Nov, 2011

Early this week, President Obama named two nominees for the Federal Communications Commission. Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel and Republican Ajit Varadaraj Pai have served as legal advisers to the ...More >

Outage Results in Class Action Suit Against Research In Motion

02 Nov, 2011

When it rains it pours for Research In Motion. As if the BlackBerry maker didn't have enough on its plate with the impending release of the new mobile operating system and the legal battle over the ...More >

Google Enlists More Lobbying Help

02 Nov, 2011

Google added yet another team of lobbyists to its cadre last week, according to The San Antonio, Texas-based law firm of Tuggey Fernandez joins 15 other firms that have signed on to make ...More >

Righthaven Struggling to Stay Afloat Amidst Judgments

01 Nov, 2011

Wow. Looks like I need to keep better track of what's going on with Righthaven. Leave the alleged copyright troll alone for a few months and on top of countless dismissals and spreading doubt about ...More >

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