From Under the Rug : May 2017 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

Not Using Office 365 in the Cloud Can Cost Millions, Study Finds

31 May, 2017

A recent study has found that 62 percent of organizations are still using Microsoft Office 365 applications on-premises rather than in the cloud, a rather shortsighted decision that can potentially cost an organization millions of dollars a year. ...More >

How to Demonstrate ROI to Avoid Slashing the Training Budget

30 May, 2017

When the IT organization is directed to cut costs, one of the first things to go is the training budget, and learning and development fall by the wayside. The reason is simple: Training tends to be seen as a cost, rather than as an investment. ...More >

Leadership Guru Offers Tips on How to Become a More Positive Leader

18 May, 2017

Leadership consultant Jon Gordon has excellent advice and guidance on how to lead in a way that inspires positivity and optimism. ...More >

Research Shows Hallmarks of Great Leadership Unchanged over Three Decades

11 May, 2017

While the experiences leaders have and the challenges they face over time may change dramatically, what constitutes great leadership doesn’t change significantly at all. ...More >

Former HP Talent Chief: 'The Culture of HP Was Not an Inclusive Culture'

08 May, 2017

Linda Sharkey, who served as HP’s chief talent officer and VP of people development from 2006 to 2009, discusses the culture and the difference between diversity and inclusivity. ...More >

Looming Massive Job Losses Demand New ‘Human’ Approach to Work, Professor Says

05 May, 2017

The United States is seemingly oblivious to looming massive job losses that will inevitably occur as smart machines take over more and more functions that are currently performed by humans. ...More >

The Fine Art of Teaching Language to Computers

01 May, 2017

Caterina Balcells is chief linguistic officer at Inbenta, teaching language to computers and training chatbots. She discusses languages and artificial intelligence development careers. ...More >

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