From Under the Rug : April 2016 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

How On-the-Job Training Can Bolster Gender Diversity in an IT Organization

27 Apr, 2016

A look at how Randstad Technologies got creative in regard to bolstering gender diversity in the workplace. ...More >

Accommodating Cultural Nuances in a Global HR Software Deployment

25 Apr, 2016

When choosing performance evaluation software, many HR organizations overlook the cultural element. ...More >

Female Chief Digital Officer Shares Insights on Gender Issues in Tech

21 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer shares her experience as a female in such a high-profile technology role. ...More >

‘Away from Control’ Dimension of 3D Printing Raises IP, Other Concerns

19 Apr, 2016

Difficult issues need to be resolved in order for 3D printing to become mainstream. ...More >

Life in the Entrepreneurial Fast Lane with a Female Tech CEO

14 Apr, 2016

A female tech CEO answers the question of why women tend not to give themselves as much credit as they should. ...More >

Chief Digital Officer Sees Role as Critical for Competitive Advantage

12 Apr, 2016

A Chief Digital Officer defines her role and what it means for the IT organization. ...More >

Research Shows Gender Skills Gap Is a Fallacy, Female CEO Says

07 Apr, 2016

Research conducted by DDI debunks the myth that men and women tend to have different workplace skills. ...More >

Intellectual Property Lawyer Sees 3D Printing as a Game-Changer

05 Apr, 2016

A 3D printing evangelist talks about some of the advantages, and biggest impediments, of the adoption of 3D printing. ...More >

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