From Under the Rug : March 2016 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

CEOs Share Valuable Lesson: Be Careful When You Hire

28 Mar, 2016

Company executives address their far-reaching hiring mistakes. ...More >

Millennials May Not Be More Tech-Savvy Than You

21 Mar, 2016

A senior organization development consultant at Oracle debunks some generational stereotypes. ...More >

Life as a Domain Name Registrar in a World of Internet Bad Guys

16 Mar, 2016

We talk with Rightside CEO Taryn Naidu about the trials and tribulations of operating as a domain name registrar. ...More >

Research Findings on Millennials: Helpful Data Points or Harmful Stereotypes?

14 Mar, 2016

Jessica Kriegel, senior organization development consultant at Oracle and author of a new book, says the focus needs to be on effective management of millennials. ...More >

Eyeing a Future in Which Software Development Is a Spectator Sport

09 Mar, 2016

CEO says in code fights, you get matched up against one person or a group of people, and then timed to try to accomplish a task better than the others. ...More >

Availability Issues, New Choices Fuel Argument to Lose Our Attachment to .com

07 Mar, 2016

When registering domains, should we forego the likes of .com, .org, and .net, and adopt generic extensions that are becoming increasingly common? ...More >

How Competing Against a ‘Bot’ Could Land You a Developer Job

03 Mar, 2016

A coding competition platform is being used to enable people to compete against each other and solve coding challenges, but also for recruitment. ...More >

Sales Force Transformation: ‘Sometimes IT Is Asked to Automate Chaos’

01 Mar, 2016

What’s the secret of those organizations that have gotten sales force transformation right? ...More >

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