From Under the Rug : February 2016 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

How Software Development Can Build Trust Between People of Different Countries

25 Feb, 2016

New hotbeds of software development are emerging around the world and, in the process, helping build relationships between people of different countries. ...More >

10 Ways Software Development Teams Can Master the Art of Releasing Upgrades

23 Feb, 2016

Ten ways software product teams can do a better job of releasing upgrade versions that are reliable and that foster goodwill with customers. ...More >

Global Software Development Outsourcing Becomes Practical for SMBs

19 Feb, 2016

Accelerance has created a global network of software development teams to work with SMBs. ...More >

Specific Business Needs Drive Technology Upgrades, Survey Finds

16 Feb, 2016

Organizations are not looking to upgrade older technology simply because it’s outdated. They’ll upgrade their technology if and when the upgrade helps to achieve a specific business objective. ...More >

Nine Ways IT Pros Can Avoid Driving Their Coworkers Crazy

10 Feb, 2016

Here are nine really annoying workplace habits to avoid in 2016. ...More >

Persevering Female CEO on Succeeding in a Male-Dominated Career Field

08 Feb, 2016

This female CEO says women need to be more open to taking risks and to being too big to fail. ...More >

What Anti-Malware Scanning Stats Can Tell Us About Our Lifestyles

03 Feb, 2016

Enigma Software, maker of the SpyHunter anti-malware tool, talks about patterns in our computing behavior. ...More >

‘Show Me the Money,’ IT Pros Say

01 Feb, 2016

If you’re not paying IT pros what they can find elsewhere, don’t expect job candidates to accept your offer, and don’t expect the talent you do have to stick around long. ...More >

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