From Under the Rug : January 2016 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

‘Pop-Up’ Expert Offers Advice on Adding Physical Dimension to Online Retail

27 Jan, 2016

Don Tennant takes a deeper look at the pop-up store and what factors determine success. ...More >

Supply Chain Weakens Health Care Sector’s Cyberattack Defenses

25 Jan, 2016

The health care sector is an especially attractive target for cyberattacks, and especially vulnerable due to its weakest link: the supply chain. ...More >

Broaden, Elevate STEM Conversation, Female Tech Exec Advises

21 Jan, 2016

The STEM conversation should focus more on entrepreneurship and innovation, and less on glass ceilings and pay disparity. ...More >

How Online Retailers Use ‘Pop-Ups’ in the Physical World

19 Jan, 2016

Temporary brick-and-mortar extensions of online retail outlets pop up in various locations to give those retailers a means of providing a touch-and-feel experience to customers. ...More >

Female Tech Company Founder Sees Family, Friendships, Diversity as Core to Success

13 Jan, 2016

The founder and CIO of Global Risk Technologies talks about what factors went in to making her company a success. ...More >

China Remains Top Source of Counterfeit Tech Goods, Industry Group Says

11 Jan, 2016

A non-profit organization of tech companies focused on IP protection in the high-tech industry says China remains the largest source of counterfeit technology products in the world. ...More >

A Conversation with an IT Professional on the Autism Spectrum

06 Jan, 2016

As part of his series on Asperger’s Syndrome in the IT community, Don Tennant interviews an IT pro who is on the autism spectrum. ...More >

Are Dual-STEM Couples More Likely to Have a Child on the Autism Spectrum?

04 Jan, 2016

If two STEM professionals have a child, is that child more likely than he otherwise would be to have Asperger’s Syndrome? ...More >

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