From Under the Rug : July 2015 Archives

The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

Melding of IT, Marketing Operations Raises Questions, Opportunities

30 Jul, 2015

As marketing divisions gain control of most of the IT budget, many changes have come about, including having IT staff report directly to the CMO. ...More >

Cultural Norms in IT Breed Toxic Employees, Training Exec Says

28 Jul, 2015

CEO of a leadership and training company speaks about points revealed from a survey on toxic employees and adds examples from her own experiences. ...More >

Laplink CEO Touts File Transfer Offerings in Run-up to Windows 10 Release

23 Jul, 2015

Thomas Koll, CEO of Laplink Software gives his insight on moving data from old PCs to new Windows 10 computers. ...More >

Shadow IT: Is the IT Organization Becoming the Shadow?

21 Jul, 2015

Gartner predicts that marketing will spend more on technology than IT by 2017, so what does that mean for the enterprise IT organization? ...More >

15 Ways to Make the Most of Networking at Your Next IT Conference

16 Jul, 2015

A career consultant and author gives a list of ways conference attendees (even introverts) can network and make connections. ...More >

How to Deal with the High Cost of Employee Turnover

14 Jul, 2015

Employee turnover can be costly for any company--especially if they've been with the company for very long. A management company offers tips on hiring the right employees. ...More >

Tech Veteran Offers Five Lessons for Avoiding Mistakes that Plague Startups

10 Jul, 2015

Technology veteran, Asif Khan, is CEO of an outstanding IT startup. Find out what five things he's learned on the way to startup success. ...More >

Minimizing the Risk of Losing Intellectual Property When You Lose an Employee

09 Jul, 2015

Trade secret attorney and author, James Pooley, gives nine important tips for protecting corporate data from insider threats. ...More >

What You Need to Know About Outsourcing Enterprise Facilities Management

01 Jul, 2015

“Green computing” and efficient operations are inseparable. Whether or not you call it something that makes for a good bumper sticker, it’s all about efficient enterprise facilities management. ...More >

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