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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Security Risk Trends for 2010

11 Dec, 2009

Last week, IT Business Edge's Susan Hall wrote of hope for an increase in IT spending in 2010. I hope some of those IT funds are focused on security because experts are predicting increases in data ...More >

Fight Hidden Dangers in Shortened URLs

10 Dec, 2009

When I first began writing on security issues, experts told me repeatedly that the best way to avoid viruses and falling for phishing scams was to hold my cursor over the link in the e-mail message. ...More >

Does Your Company Need a Security Audit Plan?

08 Dec, 2009

Some of the worst security breaches occur because a business was too lazy or too lax to properly protect its data. And too often, those breaches come from inside the company.   For example, an ...More >

Cell Phone Security Ignoring Risk to Sensitive Calls

04 Dec, 2009

We've been hearing about all sorts of risks from cell phones for years now. Though the jury is out on whether we might be poisoning ourselves with radiation while we talk away on our cell phone,we ...More >

Protecting Laptops and External Storage

01 Dec, 2009

This past July, 10 laptop computers and nine external hard drives were stolen from a Naval headquarters office. Luckily, the theft turned out to be less damaging than it could have been: Only one of ...More >

The Backbone of Good IT Security: Trust

30 Nov, 2009

When the Office of Personnel Management announced that it would improve the quality of its cyber security staff after concerns were raised in the Department of the Interior, it punctuated how ...More >

Protecting Your Brand from Scams on Twitter

27 Nov, 2009

It took me a little while, but I eventually joined the Twitter generation with an account set up specifically to communicate with friends. One of my earliest tweets was about my Lasik surgery and ...More >

Network Configuration Managers Can Soothe Audit Jitters

24 Nov, 2009

Cooperation from network engineers is critical to the success of security audit and compliance initiatives, as these folks are relied upon to collect the data required for analysis.   The ...More >

InZero Secure PC: Two Machines in One

23 Nov, 2009

Most humans are creatures of habit, and that boils over into computer technology. Or, as Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP Corporation, explained to me, the whole computer industry is handicapped by ...More >

Staying Safe on Cyber Monday

20 Nov, 2009

Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving that has become the online retailer's version of Black Friday, will likely be more popular than ever this year, thanks, in part, to concerns about the H1N1 ...More >

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