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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Avoiding Viruses Without Unplugging

03 Feb, 2010

Since my run-in with the Antivirus Live attack, I've been hyper-vigilant on virus and malware scans on my computer, especially any time my computer seems sluggish.   Getting hit with some kind ...More >

Exploited Vulnerabilities: Blame Yourself

01 Feb, 2010

Interesting news coming from the United Kingdom-the UK's government has no plans to switch from using IE6, despite a vulnerability in the browser that was exploited by hackers.   Exploiting ...More >

Creating a Culture of Awareness

29 Jan, 2010

In his article on Network Security Edge, Top 10 Information Security Threats of 2010, Kevin Prince, CTO of Perimeter, talks of two specific employee-related security threats: malicious insiders (a ...More >

Happy Data Privacy Day

28 Jan, 2010

January 28 is always marked on my calendar because it's my sister's birthday, but now the calendar square shares space with another event-it's Data Privacy Day. According to the official Web site: ...More >

Report: Dangers of Cyber Crime on the Rise

27 Jan, 2010

A lot has been written this past month about security risks to watch out for in 2010.   However, the results of the 2010 CSO Cyber Watch Survey, a cooperative effort between the U.S. Secret ...More >

Don't Get Caught by Spear Phishing

26 Jan, 2010

The attacks on Google in China were part of a spear phishing campaign.   Now, several U.S. oil companies report being victimized by spear phishing. According to a report in The Christian Science ...More >

Google and China: Looking Forward

25 Jan, 2010

A lot has been written about the recent attacks on Google. So what does the Google experience teach us about the future?   During my conversation with Scott Crawford, research director of ...More >

OAuth WRAP Security Skeptics Speak Out

22 Jan, 2010

Earlier this week, I began a discussion on security flaws in OAuth.   OAuth WRAP is supposed be more simple than OAuth. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's better, as Ben Adida wrote on ...More >

Why HTML 5 Could Present Web App Security Risk

22 Jan, 2010

In my post about the potential security problems with Google's Chrome OS, I added a quote that says that Chrome's use of HTML 5 may be a target of hackers. So, what's the issue with HTML 5? For a ...More >

Addressing OAuth Flaws

20 Jan, 2010

A few days ago, my colleague Loraine Lawson suggested some reading material on OAuth and security issues. For those of you unfamiliar with OAuth, it's "an open protocol to allow secure API ...More >

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