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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Printers, The Forgotten Security Link

07 Apr, 2010

As companies and individuals focus on data security on computers, smartphones and mobile devices, they may forget to secure their printer. Too often, printer security is little more than making sure ...More >

Where Should You Focus Your Security Emphasis?

06 Apr, 2010

Last December, IT Business Edge blogger Mike Vizard wrote about security delusions in compliance, stating: All too often, there is a tendency to measure security in terms of compliance. ...More >

Banking Industry Continues Its Fight Against Cybercrime

02 Apr, 2010

As I was reading some older articles here, I came across this piece by Susan Hall, where she wrote: A new class of malicious software is directed at online security technology implemented by Bank of ...More >

Drinking from the Well of Poisoned Searches

31 Mar, 2010

You need to do a little research, so what do you do? Like millions of others, you Google it.   However, that simple search could be putting your computer at risk. According to Patrik Runald at ...More >

Password (not) Protected

29 Mar, 2010

This story on stolen passwords caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, it is from my hometown newspaper, and secondly, I found it moments after seeing a CNET article referencing a ...More >

8 Layers of Security Every Computer Should Have

26 Mar, 2010

Every time you connect to the Internet, you are putting your computer -- and the information stored there -- at risk. As Roger Thompson, chief security officer with AVG Technologies told me:   ...More >

Beware: That Ad Might Create Zombies

24 Mar, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, readers who visited the popular pundit Web site, the Drudge Report, claimed the site was the source of malware that infected their computers. Sadly, one senator tried to put a ...More >

As Amount of Digital Health Data Rises, So Does Risk

22 Mar, 2010

All the talk about health care in the news reminded me that I had to schedule an appointment with my doctor. Rather than call the office, I went to a Web site where not only can I take care of ...More >

Virtualization Is Hot, but Is It Secure?

19 Mar, 2010

The growth of virtualization is a hot topic these days, including at IT Business Edge. Arthur Cole presents his top 10 benefits for virtualization in enterprise. Mike Vizard talks about hybrid client ...More >

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