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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Trouble for Mobile Phones

21 Jun, 2010

Phone security seems to be a hot topic the past week. My Twitter feed was full of news stories on the latest concerns in keeping safe from malware, smishing and vishing schemes. I can't help but ...More >

Keeping Data Safe on the Other Side

18 Jun, 2010

Sharing data is a vital part of everyday business transactions, and for some companies, there is a lot of data exchanged.   However, this opens up companies for additional security risks. It's ...More >

Does Your Business Require Security Training?

14 Jun, 2010

This website caught my eye. It comes from Westfield Insurance and the first sentence ponders the question: Does the company really need information security training? The short answer is, of course, ...More >

How Government and Insurance Policies Can Help Cyber Security

11 Jun, 2010

I read two articles today discussing how to provide protection from cyber attacks, but in two very different ways.   The first comes from the government, which has been focusing on cyber ...More >

Make Sure to Secure Archived Data as Well

09 Jun, 2010

Full disclosure: The breach I'm going to discuss could end up affecting me personally. But I think the overall message is too important not to share.   Yesterday, Penn State University announced ...More >

Have Passwords Outlived Their Usefulness?

08 Jun, 2010

Passwords are often thought of as the first line of defense in data security, but there certainly seems to be a lot of discussion lately on their overall usefulness. Last month, for example, I talked ...More >

PDF Security Problem Becomes a Top Risk in May

07 Jun, 2010

I suppose I don't need to say that there are a lot of security risks lurking around our computers. But as Fortinet's May Threat Landscape report shows, you can never let your guard down when it comes ...More >

Data Loss Is Corporate Enemy No. 1

02 Jun, 2010

Last summer, my colleague Mike Vizard wrote an interesting article called "At What Price Security?" that questions the way enterprises approach security in terms of funding and ...More >

Continuing Business Use of IE6 Hinders Security Efforts

31 May, 2010

Is the average home computer user doing a better job at data security than businesses?   When it comes to browser security, the answer appears to be yes, according to the new Zscaler "State of ...More >

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