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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Do You Have a Cybercriminal on Staff?

20 Jul, 2010

When we hire employees, we like to think that they are all honest, trustworthy, and loyal. Of course, the sad reality is there are company employees who are doing more harm than good for the ...More >

Generation Y Employees and Privacy

14 Jul, 2010

I recently spoke with an information security manager about social media issues in the corporate world, and she told me one of the greatest challenges is getting Generation Y employees to keep ...More >

Are You a Good Security Role Model?

12 Jul, 2010

A Cyber-Ark Software survey showed that 41 percent of the 400 IT professionals interviewed admitted to abusing passwords to sensitive data. As reported at ReadWrite Enterprise, this presented an 8 ...More >

Security Lessons from School

07 Jul, 2010

Nearly one quarter of data breaches in 2009 came from the educational sector. While I don't have the numbers, I would suspect quite a few of those breaches come through college data loss.   ...More >

Educating Future Cybersecurity Professionals

05 Jul, 2010

Last year, my colleague Lora Bentley discussed comments made by Melissa Hathaway, then the Obama administration's acting senior director for cyber security, regarding the need for the White House to ...More >

Windows 7 Security Features Might Not Be a Perfect Fit

02 Jul, 2010

One of the selling points of Windows 7 was its improved security features.   However, as more companies are making the switch to Windows 7 -- recommended as XP support is slowly phased out -- ...More >

Will Twitter's Security Improve?

30 Jun, 2010

Twitter and the FTC have reached a settlement regarding Twitter's data security lapses. According to a Washington Post article: The FTC complaint said the breaches allowed hackers to gain ...More >

Other Threats Grab Attention, But Botnets Still Wreak Havoc

28 Jun, 2010

Botnets are not going away. In fact, Gartner predicts that botnets will be going strong for the next few years, continuing to create security problems for businesses of all sizes.   ...More >

Continuing the Conversation About Phone Security

23 Jun, 2010

Earlier this week I talked about phone security in terms of malware and phishing schemes.   Now I want to turn attention to smartphone apps. The release of the iPhone 4 and the new Android ...More >

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