Data Security : April 2017 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Chipotle PoS Part of Rising Data Breach Problem for Retail Industry

27 Apr, 2017

Even with credit card payments being all but mandatory in retail, PCI compliances, and the focus on EMV chip adoption, companies are still failing to keep credit card data secure. ...More >

Organizations Aren’t Limiting Access to Sensitive Data

26 Apr, 2017

If you want to keep your data from being compromised, you have to protect your data. That includes knowing where sensitive data is stored and knowing who has access to it. ...More >

Three Options to Protect Online Privacy

24 Apr, 2017

People are thinking about their privacy in ways they hadn’t before and are worried about what will happen to information culled by internet providers. Here are changes that will increase privacy protection. ...More >

CISOs Admit They Are Unable to Keep Pace with Data Breaches

20 Apr, 2017

If security direction is lacking at the top, it will trickle down through the company and the results could be devastating to the organization. ...More >

Despite Cyber Skills Gap, Security Graduates Struggle to Get Hired

19 Apr, 2017

There is a reluctance to hire recent graduates or bring in interns in cybersecurity positions. However, there is no good explanation for why this reluctance continues to linger. ...More >

Business Leaders See Encryption as Security Layer for Data in the Cloud

17 Apr, 2017

Organizations are slowly making strides when it comes to encryption, but as a cybersecurity tool, it is lagging in its adoption. ...More >

Security Professionals Feel More Pressure to Deliver Cybersecurity

13 Apr, 2017

Within an organization, security has to be a shared effort. Everyone needs to step up and stop expecting someone else to take the responsibility. That doesn't always happen. ...More >

Does Education and Tech Savviness Put You at Greater Risk for Identity Theft?

10 Apr, 2017

According to a survey of more than 2,000 respondents, 18 percent of those who admit to being tech savvy are more likely to become victims of identity theft. ...More >

By Not Reviewing Mobile App Policies, Users Put Themselves at Risk

06 Apr, 2017

We’ve had it pounded into our heads for years about the risks involved in mobile apps, and yet, we continue to ignore the risks and take our chances. ...More >

Security Pros Don’t Follow Their Own ‘Change Password Frequently’ Advice

03 Apr, 2017

You know that if security professionals are struggling to keep up with passwords, so is everyone else in the company (who hasn’t complained about too many passwords, after all). ...More >

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