Data Security : February 2017 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Cloudbleed Catches Security World Unaware

27 Feb, 2017

We don’t know how long this has been going on, how companies are reacting, or exactly what may be out there. We’ll be hearing about Cloudbleed a lot as we move through 2017. ...More >

Medical Data Theft Rising Because of Its Value

23 Feb, 2017

The risk is rising, but the medical industry is better recognizing the risk to patient data and is stepping up its cybersecurity efforts. ...More >

The Next Evolution of Ransomware Attacks

22 Feb, 2017

We will see shifts in ransomware, including how attackers will target victims, who they’ll target, and the role IoT will play in ransomware, both as an attack vector and attack target. ...More >

Your Customers Are Underestimating Security Threats

21 Feb, 2017

As consumers, and in turn as employees, we tend to be pretty haughty about our security IQ.  Nearly two-thirds say they don’t believe they were a victim of a cyberattack, which is highly unlikely. ...More >

Security Professionals Urge Small Businesses to Improve Security Efforts

16 Feb, 2017

Small businesses need to step up their security process before disaster hits. ...More >

Cybersecurity’s Human Side

15 Feb, 2017

One thing is clear so far during RSA. We need to think of cybersecurity in human terms, not just in data or technology. ...More >

Email Threat on the Inside

13 Feb, 2017

We can’t take our eye away from the role insiders play. Email is an essential tool (and for some of us a business lifeline), but it can also be extremely destructive. ...More >

Majority of Organizations Don’t Have Risk Management Plan

09 Feb, 2017

Enterprise understands that serious cybersecurity are threats lurking. Yet, 76 percent of these organizations reported that they don’t have a clearly defined risk management strategy. ...More >

Malware Infections Have Geographic Boundaries

06 Feb, 2017

Not just countries, but individual cities and geographic areas see significant differences in malware rates and methods. ...More >

Despite EMV Roll Out, Credit Card Related Identity Fraud Hits Record Numbers

02 Feb, 2017

It'll be interesting to see how e-commerce addresses the rise in identity fraud involving CNP transactions, especially in light of the rise of data breaches and compromised records. ...More >

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