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Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Perception or Reality: Your Security System Is Probably Weaker Than You Think

31 Jan, 2017

If you're spending your security dollars on once-effective security tools, you may think you have a solid security defense because it used to work well. It’s focusing on the perception, rather than the reality. ...More >

Are You Spending Your Security Budget Wisely?

30 Jan, 2017

Does it feel like you are tossing money into a giant pit because no matter what you do or how much you spend, you just can’t get a good handle on cybersecurity protection? ...More >

Data Breach Numbers Hit Record Highs in 2016

26 Jan, 2017

While data breaches appear to be on the rise, not everyone agrees that they're our top cyber-incident concern. Other incidents include business disruptions caused by ransomware and DDoS attacks, compromised email, and the takeover of critical infrastructure. ...More >

With the Internet of Things Comes a Rise in DDoS Attacks

25 Jan, 2017

As long as IoT devices remain vulnerable, we must expect to see the rise in DDoS attacks. And we’ll see more because they are so effective in getting attention when they do happen to a major organization. ...More >

Improving Your Data Privacy Efforts for Data Privacy Day

23 Jan, 2017

The idea of this annual international event is to encourage businesses and consumers to recognize the need for data privacy and to promote education and training to enhance that awareness. ...More >

IoT Devices Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

19 Jan, 2017

As connected devices increase in popularity, they become a more attractive target to hackers and cybercriminals, and since cybercriminals are turning to ransomware as their attack of choice, we have to anticipate that the bad guys will use it for IoT attacks. ...More >

IoT’s Growing Pains Put Devices at Risk for Ransomware

18 Jan, 2017

The IoT is so at risk for ransomware because of three particular areas: the growth (and growing pains) of IoT, the evolution of ransomware, and end users who aren’t aware of the risks. ...More >

Gmail Phishing Attack Highlights Need for Multi-Factor Authentication

17 Jan, 2017

We should expect more phishing attacks like this, or at least increasingly sophisticated and more difficult to detect. ...More >

Digital Transformation Has Companies Re-thinking Security Strategies

16 Jan, 2017

In the age of digital transformation, improving the “security playbook” is necessary in order to avoid the C-suite level executive’s two worst nightmares: corporate financial data theft and customer information theft. ...More >

St. Jude Cardiac Device Software Flaws Highlight Risks of IoT

13 Jan, 2017

Medical devices present unique situations because attacking them is literally a matter of life and death. But they are still IoT devices, and that opens them to other types of cybersecurity attacks. ...More >

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