Data Security : December 2016 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

The Need to Combat Security Fatigue

29 Dec, 2016

Tom Pendergast, Ph.D., chief strategist of Security, Privacy and Compliance at MediaPro, has predicted that security educators will need to develop more creative ways to combat “Security Fatigue.” ...More >

Expect an Evolution in Ransomware in 2017

26 Dec, 2016

In 2017, ransomware will take the crown, because it is still an extremely effective method for gaining and maintaining access into corporate networks. ...More >

Experts: Internet of Things Security Will Affect 2017 in Many Ways

22 Dec, 2016

Security professionals explain why IoT security is going to affect all of us in 2017, both professionally and personally. Will industry and manufacturers step up to the security challenge? ...More >

In 2017, Expect AI to Be Both Security Tool and Weapon

21 Dec, 2016

We should expect any connected tools to be at risk for threats, but in the long run, AI will do more as a cybersecurity tool than as a cybersecurity threat. ...More >

Concerns Surrounding Identity Security

19 Dec, 2016

In all the predictions for 2017, few discuss identity and access issues, but as the line between professional and personal life continues to blur, IAM has to be a higher priority in the coming months. ...More >

Yahoo Breach Redux

15 Dec, 2016

It's happened again: If you have an account with Yahoo servers, your breached information has likely been floating out there for more than three years without you knowing. ...More >

Senior Executives Uninformed About Security Regulations

12 Dec, 2016

Everyone in the organization has to recognize where the security problems are, who the primary threats to steal the organization’s data are, and what compliances must be implemented, and it has to start at the top. ...More >

A Blue Print for the Future of Cybersecurity

08 Dec, 2016

The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity came up with 16 recommendations and 53 associated action items. ...More >

Only 49 Percent of IT Pros More Concerned About Insider Threats over External Threats

05 Dec, 2016

The insider threat has always been there for any number of reasons: the focus on outside hackers, trusting employees, improper access, and not severing electronic ties with former employees immediately. ...More >

San Francisco Muni Ransomware Attack Should Be a Warning to Critical Infrastructure

01 Dec, 2016

Muni lost money by giving away free rides over the weekend, but it didn't pay the 100 bitcoins in ransom demanded by a hacker. This ransomware episode should teach several lessons. ...More >

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