Data Security : September 2016 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Most of Us Are Victims of Compromised Credentials

29 Sep, 2016

Our credentials, like passwords and other authentication data, open the door for damage; threat actors will use that information to take over accounts, extort specific individuals, and turn computers into botnets. ...More >

Recognizing That Not Every Hacker Is a Cybercriminal

28 Sep, 2016

Many assume that hacking always equates to something bad, but bug bounty programs, competitions and other white hat activities are extremely important for cybersecurity. ...More >

The Yahoo Breach – Much Worse Than We Thought

26 Sep, 2016

The number of user accounts affected by Yahoo's security breach -- previously reported as 200 million -- turns out to be more like 500 million. ...More >

Probable Yahoo Breach Spotlights Risks of Free Email Services

22 Sep, 2016

The news of a Yahoo breach puts a spotlight on the risks of free email services and, in turn, how they can put businesses at risk. ...More >

The FBI Is Asking for Businesses to Report Ransomware. Will They?

19 Sep, 2016

In a new PSA, the FBI is urging everyone to report ransomware attacks to law enforcement. ...More >

IT Departments Admit Concerns About Third-Party Vendor Risks

16 Sep, 2016

Third-party vendors can wreak havoc on any company’s security and IT leaders are concerned about the security risks that third parties pose. ...More >

Dual Threat Coming from Ransomware and DDoS Attacks

12 Sep, 2016

We’re seeing a new tactic with ransomware: Cybercriminals are combining ransomware attacks with DDoS attacks. ...More >

The Struggle to Protect Mobile Devices from Malware

08 Sep, 2016

A serious struggle is going on to protect mobile devices from malware, according to a number of recent reports. ...More >

Four Years After the Breach, Dropbox Admits It May Have Underestimated the Impact

05 Sep, 2016

We now know that 68 million Dropbox passwords and user names were stolen in 2012. Yes, that’s right. Four years ago. ...More >

Employee Security Hygiene Failing as Ransomware Gets Worse

01 Sep, 2016

Three-quarters of IT professionals say that their organization suffered a security incident within the past two years. ...More >

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