Data Security : August 2016 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

Passwords Aren’t Safe from Hackers

31 Aug, 2016

According to a new survey, it really doesn’t matter how strong you make your passwords or where you store them: Hackers are going to figure them out. ...More >

Election Security Comes Down to Outdated Software

29 Aug, 2016

The problem with our voting system is very similar to the cybersecurity problem in many businesses today: The software is outdated and vulnerable. ...More >

The Increase and Impact of Cybercrime’s Costs

25 Aug, 2016

As long as we want the opportunities and the conveniences the internet has to offer, we’re going to have to anticipate the costs of cybercrime in the value of doing business. ...More >

Employees Continue to Fall for Phishing Bait

22 Aug, 2016

What would you do if nearly a third of your employees were making mistakes that could cause serious harm to the company? ...More >

Sage Breach Illustrates Damage Malicious Insiders Can Cause

18 Aug, 2016

A breach at a UK accounting software firm exposes details of the employees of about 280 British companies. ...More >

How Does Your Company Stand in Cybersecurity Readiness?

15 Aug, 2016

Businesses are struggling with cybersecurity readiness. ...More >

New Strains of Ransomware Show New Tactics

11 Aug, 2016

Ransomware is still evolving and cybercriminals continue to come up with new tactics that play off of fear or naiveté of users.  ...More >

Security Skills Gap Has a Direct Impact on Organizations’ Ability to Be Safe

08 Aug, 2016

In 2016, the need for security professionals has taken on a new sense of urgency. ...More >

It’s Easy to See Why Ransomware Is the Security Issue of the Year

04 Aug, 2016

It seems like every security discussion begins or ends with ransomware. ...More >

Why Cloud Security Remains a Challenge for Most Organizations

01 Aug, 2016

Often, the approach to cloud security doesn’t follow the organization’s regular security practices. ...More >

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