Data Security : July 2016 Archives

Securing your data and network, inside and outside the perimeter

The Missing Cybersecurity Discussion

28 Jul, 2016

What neither the media nor the politicians have done is take advantage of the leak to put cybersecurity front and center as a national discussion. ...More >

HHS Addresses the Rampant Ransomware Problem in Health Care

27 Jul, 2016

Any new guidance that can help health care organizations prevent, detect, contain, and respond to threats is good guidance. ...More >

Are We Prepared for the Coming Threats with the IoT?

25 Jul, 2016

Anything connected to the Internet can be discovered and potentially infiltrated by a hacker. ...More >

iPhones Are Safer than Android, but Still Have Malware Problems

21 Jul, 2016

Contrary to popular opinion, there are new reports about overall security issues with iPhones and iOSs. ...More >

More than Half of Companies Are Failing at PAM Security

20 Jul, 2016

In the wrong hands, privileged accounts represent the biggest threat to enterprises. ...More >

Businesses Failing to Protect from Double Hit: External Attacks Caused by Insider Threats

18 Jul, 2016

Perhaps the time has come to change the dialogue a bit and admit that security threats are multi-layered. ...More >

Pokemon GO: Security Nightmare for BYOD

14 Jul, 2016

Users are spending more time per day playing Pokemon GO than they are using popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. ...More >

Companies Still Struggle with Compliance and Oversight

11 Jul, 2016

Companies are struggling to ensure that the increasing electronic communications outlets meet compliance regulations. ...More >

Good Bots, Bad Bots: Changing the Way We Approach Cybersecurity?

07 Jul, 2016

Like bots or not, you can expect to keep coming across them. ...More >

Companies Willing to Pay Ransoms, Despite FBI Advice

04 Jul, 2016

Situations where a firm elects to pay the ransom are the result of a combination of panic and lack of understanding about the credibility of the threat. ...More >

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