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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Happy Holidays from the 3GPP: The First 5G Standard Arrives

22 Dec, 2017

The development of standards is difficult even under the best of conditions. In the world of 5G, the going is even harder because it involves a good deal of new science. ...More >

Fronthaul Front and Center in 5G Planning

21 Dec, 2017

Fronthaul is not a new concept. However, it is being widely expanded to support 5G. ...More >

Critical Infrastructure Continues to Be Under Cyber Threat

19 Dec, 2017

One of the most frightening of the many scary things in the modern world of telecommunications and IT is the infiltration of critical infrastructure (CI) by hackers. ...More >

Why Rescind Net Neutrality? Hint: It Wasn't About Encouraging Investment

15 Dec, 2017

The most likely impact of the end of net neutrality is that big companies that control the infrastructure will have far freer rein to choke off upstart competitors. ...More >

The FirstNet Opt-In Deadline Approaches

14 Dec, 2017

The opt-in deadline is approaching for FirstNet. Expect a good deal of news between now and the end of the year. ...More >

Test and Measurement in the 5G World

12 Dec, 2017

There is a tremendous amount riding on the success of 5G. In many ways, it is even more important than the standards that came before. ...More >

Voice Assistants Becoming a Business Tool

11 Dec, 2017

The line between consumer and business tools is gone forever. The migration of voice assistants to the enterprise and business is a replay of the BYOD trek. ...More >

The Most Surprising Thing About AI: This Is Just the Start

08 Dec, 2017

We are only at the beginning of the evolution of artificial intelligence. ...More >

Mobile Networks Stressed by Unlimited Plans

06 Dec, 2017

Mobile plans are a great thing for subscribers and carriers. To the extent that they are successful, network operators must ensure that enough capacity is available to keep the data flowing. ...More >

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