Data and Telecom : November 2017 Archives

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

The Supreme Court Takes on Cell Phone Privacy

30 Nov, 2017

Though it only occasionally will affect business directly, telecommunications executives should track a case about cell phone privacy that was argued this week in the Supreme Court. ...More >

Pay Attention to SD-WAN Security

30 Nov, 2017

SD-WANs bring tremendous potential benefits to telecommunications networks. They are a new and relatively untested approach, however. ...More >

The FCC Moves to End Net Neutrality

21 Nov, 2017

Before it is even approved, consumer groups are already preparing to challenge the new order regarding net neutrality in court. ...More >

Computer Vision Sets Its Sights on a Bright Future

21 Nov, 2017

Computer vision seems to be gaining its own identity as a standalone discipline that can be deployed in many different ways. ...More >

Three J.D. Power Studies Show Changing Attitudes and a Demanding Public

17 Nov, 2017

Telecom carriers and service providers spend millions of dollars researching how people feel about their products. Some of the best public information about these issues comes from J.D. Power. ...More >

FCC Mulls Easing Copper Retirement Regulations

16 Nov, 2017

Much of the copper in the field is old. Some, in fact, has been in service for a century. ...More >

Smart Guns Are a Smart Solution, But Not for Most Mass Shootings

15 Nov, 2017

Technology can play a big role in reducing gun violence. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the answer for the highest profile manifestation of the problem. ...More >

5G Tests and Trials Continue, with a Long Way to Go

09 Nov, 2017

5G offers services in well understood lower frequencies as well as truly cutting edge mmWave bands. The testing will move forward and overlap the days when 5G will be generating revenues. ...More >

It Will Be a Long Time Before Broadcom Acquires Qualcomm, If Ever

07 Nov, 2017

Several big players have a negative reaction to the idea of Broadcom buying Qualcomm. ...More >

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