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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Attacks on Mobile Devices, Apps and Bluetooth Increase

13 Sep, 2017

Mobile security is a never-ending back and forth between law breakers and those protecting their data, networks and the public. The news this week from that front is not particularly encouraging. ...More >

LTE Networks Heading Toward Gigabit Speeds

12 Sep, 2017

LTE is flexing its still formidable muscle as Mobile World Congress convenes in San Francisco. In anticipation of the show, both T-Mobile and AT&T made LTE-related announcements. ...More >

AT&T Outlines How Its Drone Use Will Evolve

11 Sep, 2017

AT&T said that in the future it will use drones to do tasks more agilely. ...More >

Chip Makers Working Hard on 5G

11 Sep, 2017

Chips, chipsets and related elements are the little engines that make new technologies go. There is news on that front as it relates to the emergence of 5G. ...More >

Dealing with the IoT Means Dealing with Change

08 Sep, 2017

The IoT brings great and fundamental changes and only organizations that take appropriate steps will thrive. ...More >

Putin Weighs In on AI as Huawei Makes Announcements

07 Sep, 2017

The latest person to speak out about artificial intelligence (AI) is none other than Vladimir Putin. ...More >

5G Announcements Pick Up Steam as Ecosystems Battle, Standards Work Continues

04 Sep, 2017

The move toward 5G networks is moving forward on a consistent basis. Several announcements were recently made. ...More >

Not Like the Old Days, but Better Than a Loss: Smartphone Sector Gains Slightly

01 Sep, 2017

Two trends, a two-year replacement cycle and new user demand, will keep the smartphone sector moving. ...More >

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