Data and Telecom : August 2017 Archives

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Hurricane Harvey Suggests that Emergency Networks Improving Even Before FirstNet

30 Aug, 2017

As much as has gone wrong with the storm devastation, the communications infrastructure has done surprisingly well. ...More >

The Hidden Complexities of Virtualized Environments

30 Aug, 2017

Software lifecycle management and software licensing are two distinct realms. They are both complex and are deeply connected. The move to virtualization has big impact on both and IT departments must plan accordingly. ...More >

New York State to Offer Full Broadband Access

28 Aug, 2017

The $50 million New York Broadband for All program recently extended its grant deadline for provisioning of services to rural areas. ...More >

Drone Rules Still Uncertain as Sector Approaches Cruising Altitude

24 Aug, 2017

It is possible to differentiate between hobbyist and commercial drone use. More broadly, however, confusion at the hobbyist level seems likely to impact the commercial side. ...More >

Network Slicing a Completely New Approach

22 Aug, 2017

One of the biggest advances in the evolution toward 5G is network slicing. It has extravagant promise. All that has to happen is for it to be invented. ...More >

Louisville Wins One in Pole Attachment Battle

21 Aug, 2017

A big issue for competitive providers entering a market is gaining access to poles. Indeed, one of the reasons that Google Fiber has switched its focus from wired to wireless is difficulty placing cables on poles. ...More >

Verizon, Eyeing Competition with AT&T, to Build First Responders’ Networks

21 Aug, 2017

Verizon will build and operate a private network core for public safety, enter into priority access and preemption agreements, and invest in mission-critical equipment. ...More >

Dell EMC and BT Working on Disaggregated Switch Proof of Concept

17 Aug, 2017

What happens in the data center and out in the network is different, but beginning to converge. At some point, the two may fully harmonize. The Dell EMC testing at BT Labs may be a start. ...More >

The Pay TV Channel Is Changing

15 Aug, 2017

There is no reason for IT and telecommunications executives to follow changes in the Pay TV world extremely closely. However, it is something to keep an eye on in a more general sense. ...More >

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