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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

CenturyLink Faces Billing Fraud Lawsuits

14 Jul, 2017

A class-action suit against CenturyLink over overbilling has been joined by seven states. ...More >

Microsoft Proposes $10B White Space Project

13 Jul, 2017

One of the challenges is that a sophisticated infrastructure is necessary to ensure that white space transmissions don’t impact neighboring broadcasters. ...More >

Microsoft Accelerates and Simplifies Cloud Approach

12 Jul, 2017

The move to the cloud is irreversible. Microsoft is doubling down and trying as best it can to simplify its offerings. ...More >

Qualcomm Asks ITC to Sanction Apple

10 Jul, 2017

Qualcomm is asking for a Limited Exclusion Order barring importation of iPhone 7 and use of infringing technology not made by Qualcomm affiliates. ...More >

OECD Sees Mobile, Wired Broadband Subscription Growth

07 Jul, 2017

Subscription rates of wired and mobile broadband have increased for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is comprised of 35 countries. ...More >

The Virtual Reality Sector Grows for Consumers and Businesses

07 Jul, 2017

Virtual reality is a long-term play and the numbers look promising, if not huge. ...More >

Privacy Concerns Deepen as AI and Machine Learning Grow More Powerful

06 Jul, 2017

Even legitimate uses of data as fodder for AI and machine learning is too intrusive for many people. As time passes, ever stricter policies and safeguards are necessary. In the relatively near future, however, even these may not be enough. ...More >

Ubiquitous Low-Power Networks Up the IoT Ante

05 Jul, 2017

The introduction of IoT functionality on ubiquitous low-power networks suggests that whatever challenges existed before soon will be multiplied. ...More >

Second Tier of Supercomputer Rankings Shifts as Quantum Looms

05 Jul, 2017

The Top500.org list of supercomputers shows big changes. ...More >

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