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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Autonomous Vehicles: Electronic Superhighway Becomes More than a Metaphor

14 Jun, 2017

Autonomous vehicles are of interest to IT because work forces will have to be supported as the amount of work done from these vehicles grows in volume, sophistication and sensitivity. ...More >

Google Chrome Now the Top Browser

12 Jun, 2017

Few things have changed more drastically during the web era than the relative standing of web browsers. ...More >

Traffic Management Systems for Drones Assessed in Utah

09 Jun, 2017

It seems clear at this point that the future will involve large numbers of drones buzzing around. They will be taking video of the inside of a burning house to assess the situation here, delivering a package there. The priority, of course, is to perform all these tasks safely and efficiently. ...More >

iOS 11 versus Android O: The March of the OSes Continues

08 Jun, 2017

The versions of the iOS and Android mobile operating systems (OS) keep rolling out. iOS 11 was unveiled this week and Android O is expected to be released toward the end of the summer. ...More >

IoT Security: Even Worse Than You Think

07 Jun, 2017

Two surveys and a government study released in recent weeks show just how serious the Internet of Things (IoT) security situation is. ...More >

AT&T Buys Vyatta Network OS from Brocade

06 Jun, 2017

AT&T will take ownership of the Vyatta OS, several VNFs, the distributed network platform, software that is under development, existing software licenses and related existing and applied for patents. ...More >

5G Closer than Ever, But Not Here Yet

05 Jun, 2017

The timeline for 5G technology is becoming more aggressive. The ecosystem seems to be making great progress, which tends to embolden marketers and financial planners. ...More >

Adoption of SD-WANs Accelerates

02 Jun, 2017

Cato Networks found that 10 percent of 350 IT professionals responding reported that their organizations already have SD-WAN deployed. ...More >

Can You Hear Me Now? Are You Sure?

01 Jun, 2017

It is likely that too much was assumed and not enough attention paid to broadband maps in the past. That will increase in the age of 5G. ...More >

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