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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

States Opting Out of Nationwide First Responder Network

11 Apr, 2017

The rationale for a discrete network is simple: Today, first responders use commercial networks that tend to be overwhelmed when a crisis occurs. Work on the project is expected to begin later this year and create 10,000 jobs. ...More >

High Frequency Thrills Will Accelerate as 5G Approaches

10 Apr, 2017

It’s clear that the worldwide wireless sector is in for some high-frequency 5G thrills during the next half-decade or so. ...More >

AT&T Trials White Box Switches

06 Apr, 2017

Moving from hardware-centric networks to those that rely mostly on software is a monumental task. It is especially difficult for a network as massive as AT&T. ...More >

Bend It: Smartphone Makers Hope to Soon Be Graded on the Curve

05 Apr, 2017

The smartphone industry may have at least one more glitzy move up its sleeve: bendable and foldable phones. Samsung is thought to be the manufacturer most set on this innovation. ...More >

Telecommuting Pioneer IBM: We’ll See You at the Office

04 Apr, 2017

IBM is calling telecommuting marketing employees in the U.S. back to the office. Those who can’t (or won’t) comply will be fired. ...More >

Real Intelligence Needed to Understand Artificial Intelligence

03 Apr, 2017

It’s not necessary for planners to deeply follow how the various pieces of the AI puzzle fit together. It is, however, important for them to understand that the field is not monolithic. ...More >

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