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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s Flawed Reasoning on the Internet and Net Neutrality

27 Apr, 2017

Instead of making a logical case for reversing net neutrality rules, Pai set up premises that he didn’t come close to proving: That net neutrality is chilling investments and that the previous administration put in place unneeded and destructive rules. ...More >

FCC Takes on Pole Attachments, Copper Retirement and More

26 Apr, 2017

The philosophical approach of the new administration is to reduce complexity and move decision making as much as possible into the business sector. ...More >

Vermont Sees Rural Broadband Service Expansions

21 Apr, 2017

One of the ongoing issues in telecommunications is the way broadband should be extended to rural communities. ...More >

Power Trio: AI, Big Data and the IoT

19 Apr, 2017

The IoT and artificial intelligence, often supported by Big Data, will combine, overlap and in other ways systematically drive telecommunications and enterprise IT forward during the coming years. ...More >

Unified Communications’ Cloud Migration Continues

18 Apr, 2017

UC is inherently complicated and a bit counter-intuitive because it’s in essence a clever repackaging (with some expansion) of existing functionality. The migration to the cloud that has been ongoing for several years makes it even more difficult to understand. ...More >

OTT Streaming: Broader Use, More Providers, Flexible Delivery

17 Apr, 2017

Over-the-top (OTT) video services have been a factor for several years, and the category is evolving and maturing. ...More >

FCC Drops Proposal to Allow Cell Phones on Planes

14 Apr, 2017

The government has shown itself willing to step in and keep cellphones off planes. In any case, airlines would have the final say, and it seems unlikely that any would take this step. ...More >

Assessing Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Together and Separately

13 Apr, 2017

Augmented reality and virtual reality are almost always considered together, and that is understandable: The names are similar and they both deal with augmenting what is being perceived by the user. ...More >

Small Cells Sitting Pretty as Networks Are Readied for 5G

12 Apr, 2017

As networks move to 5G, the nature of the new protocol will make it necessary to deploy huge numbers of antennas and towers. This is good news because dead spots and performance issues within buildings and at crowded indoor and outdoor venues will be alleviated. ...More >

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