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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

The Move From Wired to Wireless Is Here

14 Mar, 2017

Companies are moving methodically away from wired communications to wireless. ...More >

The Android Supply Chain Is Not Secure

13 Mar, 2017

The idea that supply chains to corporate customers are not secure is a new and distressing take on Android security vulnerabilities. ...More >

It’s Official: A Version of 5G Coming a Year Early

10 Mar, 2017

News this week included 5G, Gigabit LTE, zero rating from Verizon and privacy rule regulations getting gutted. ...More >

Broadband: Fast, but Not Everywhere, and ISPs Lie

09 Mar, 2017

Though broadband speeds seem to be increasing overall, progress is not uniform. There is also a question about whether people can trust what their providers are telling them. ...More >

The Goal for Category M1: Let the IoT Be All It Can Be

09 Mar, 2017

The IoT involves virtually endless applications that require very little data to be transmitted. This huge class of applications will often be supported by LTE Category M1 (LTE-M). ...More >

Cable Operators Widely Deploying DOCSIS 3.1

07 Mar, 2017

DOCSIS 3.1 has moved into the field en masse. ...More >

Effect of 3D Printing Will Be Pervasive Across Enterprise

06 Mar, 2017

The 3D news is always glitzy. The point, however, is that its growth will have effects in less exciting but just as significant ways in the enterprise's processes. ...More >

Vulnerabilities Run Rampant in Robots

03 Mar, 2017

The machines indeed may be able to take over, as machines are abetted by hackers. ...More >

The FCC’s Promised Change Is Here

02 Mar, 2017

Taken together, however, several changes at the FCC show how quickly and decisively the new administration is setting a new course. ...More >

The Lightning Evolution of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence

01 Mar, 2017

Machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence (ML, DL and AI) are changing the face of how many industries manage themselves and make decisions. ...More >

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