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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

The Speed at Which Carrier Ethernet Is Growing Unclear

30 Mar, 2017

Insiders seem to agree that the trend line for Carrier Ethernet is upward. There is disagreement, however, about whether that growth will be gradual or dramatic.   ...More >

Cancellation of Privacy Reg Upgrade Essentially a Done Deal

29 Mar, 2017

The Senate, as expected, has voted to cancel changes to rules concerning use of personal data collected online. This is an important issue for consumers and for the companies that are trying to use that data for sales and marketing. ...More >

Business Planners: Pay Attention to the Evolution of Video Distribution

28 Mar, 2017

How carriers approach streaming is a complex topic. Businesses need to keep abreast of what is happening because it will affect the development of networks. ...More >

Augmented Reality Finds Its Feet in the Workplace

27 Mar, 2017

AR and VR are often grouped together. That makes sense in most cases, but doing so can lead to oversimplification. It seems that AR will have a broader set of uses in business, and that adoption is well under way. ...More >

Senate Moves to Roll Back Privacy Rules

24 Mar, 2017

ISPs want to be able to sell personal user data and are two steps away from having that happen: passage by the House of Representatives and President Trump’s signature. ...More >

Android Security: Progress Amid Continuing Challenges

22 Mar, 2017

Google is making progress in its Android security efforts and significant dangers exist. The two facts are not contradictory. Hopefully, the balance will continue to tilt toward progress and away from insecurity. ...More >

Work the Laptop Ban into Travel Policies and Think About UC

21 Mar, 2017

The device ban is a big deal to business travelers. Now, travel time will be a complete waste and that likely will cut down on executives’ willingness to travel. ...More >

OFC Showcases Networking Speed and Efficiency

20 Mar, 2017

OFC is an annual highlight of the optical networking calendar. The goal is always to showcase fast and efficient equipment and approaches. That’s never been a more important theme. ...More >

The LTE Party Will Continue

17 Mar, 2017

ABI Research released data this week that forecasts that the number of LTE subscribers will double from 2 billion now to more than 4 billion by 2022. ...More >

Investments, Deployments Attest to SD-WAN Acceptance

15 Mar, 2017

A technology like SD-WAN that comes along and meets an old challenge, and one that is growing more pressing as the cloud grows in importance, figures to be popular. ...More >

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