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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Steps Toward Taking the IoT Truly Global

09 Feb, 2017

In addition to sheer numbers, the IoT must go everywhere. This includes the gaps between coverage in rural areas, unsettled areas, and over the seven oceans (and assorted seas, rivers and lakes) of the world. ...More >

Is Virtual Reality a Mainstream or Niche Category?

08 Feb, 2017

The issue is whether VR can carve out a significant niche in a landscape in which consumers have almost limitless entertainment choices. ...More >

Zero Rating Here to Stay

07 Feb, 2017

Zero rating basically refers to carriers offering content services from owned or affiliated entities without charging at all or fully for the data. ...More >

Internet of Things Security a Serious Problem But Help Is on the Way

06 Feb, 2017

The fear about IoT security is that elements are being rushed out quickly before security technology is baked in. ...More >

New York Attorney General Sues Charter, TWC

03 Feb, 2017

News this week included a lawsuit against Charter, ambiguity on net neutrality, bad news for the tablet market, and privacy rules. ...More >

Four Signs that Samsung Is Planning a Smartphone OS Push

02 Feb, 2017

Years after the industry resigned itself to two strong players and a bunch of wannabees in smartphone OSes, the third player may be arriving. ...More >

Telepresence and UC Evolve and Confuse

01 Feb, 2017

Unified communications has always been a hard category to clearly define. The definitions are certainly growing no easier to construct. The technology, however, is getting better all the time. ...More >

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