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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Massive MIMO a Key 5G Enabler

12 Dec, 2016

Vendors, service providers, and the rest of the wireless ecosystem are working day and night to develop 5G wireless. One of the key enablers, but one that developed independently of 5G, is multiple in multiple out (MIMO) antennas. ...More >

Election Stops FCC IoT Security Initiative

09 Dec, 2016

News this week included brakes on an IoT security study, wearables selling well, in-flight voice calls, and refunds for victims of telecom bill cramming. ...More >

Enter Bluetooth 5

08 Dec, 2016

Bluetooth 5 offers longer range, great speeds and larger broadcast message capacity. It is optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT). ...More >

The Young, Brash and Promising SD-WAN Sector

07 Dec, 2016

Things look very good for the SD-WAN sector. Those interested, however, should be very careful about which vendor to choose both from the technological and financial perspectives. ...More >

5G Gains Momentum

06 Dec, 2016

Engineering staffs should look very carefully at whether what is being announced indeed is 5G, or if marketing departments are pushing things in order to make it appear that the carrier for whom they work is keeping up. ...More >

DevOps, a Big Change, Won’t Happen Overnight

05 Dec, 2016

DevOps is the future of software development. It is, however, a very big change in the way that software is created and distributed. ...More >

Driverless Cars: I Am Out of the Office. Let’s Do a Meeting

02 Dec, 2016

News this week included driverless cars, 4G smartphone markets, browser wars, VoIP protection and fake phones. ...More >

We Haven’t Seen the Last of Mirai, That’s for Sure

01 Dec, 2016

The bad news is that Mirai hasn’t gone away. In fact, it seems to have burrowed itself more deeply into the internet. ...More >

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