Data and Telecom : October 2016 Archives

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

FCC Tightens Privacy Rules

28 Oct, 2016

FCC privacy rules will require broadband providers to ask subscribers’ permission before “using or sharing” much of their data. ...More >

Google Searches for Another Broadband Plan

27 Oct, 2016

It seems that Google Fiber – which is a division of Alphabet -- has come to a crossroads. ...More >

Welcome to the Bad Version of the IoT Future

25 Oct, 2016

One of the biggest fears that accompanies the great benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it is a massively insecure undertaking with literally countless opportunities for crackers to mount disabling attacks. ...More >

AT&T Probably Won’t Acquire Time Warner

24 Oct, 2016

The consensus is that the proposed acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T is a long shot. ...More >

Bloomberg: AT&T and Time Warner Talking Deal

21 Oct, 2016

AT&T making deals, Verizon and T-Mobile facing trouble. ...More >

AI to Humans: 'Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This'

20 Oct, 2016

AI was mostly discussed by futurists and screenwriters just a few years ago. Now, it is at the center of many corporate and business functions. ...More >

The IoT Is Not Getting Any Safer

19 Oct, 2016

People are discussing and debating IoT security from both the conceptual and product perspectives. ...More >

G.fast Set to Explode, While XG.FAST Waits in the Wings

18 Oct, 2016

XG.FAST and its predecessor technology, G.fast, are seeing lots of vendor activity. ...More >

802.11ax Entering the Market

17 Oct, 2016

Corporate planners will hear more about 802.11ax, which is likely to be a very valuable addition to the 802.11 family. ...More >

Verizon May Seek Changes or Exit Yahoo Deal

14 Oct, 2016

News this week included the Yahoo deal, Google as a frenemy to telecom carriers, 3D printers and Galaxy Note 7 fireproof returns. ...More >

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