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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Autonomous Vehicles Are Approaching Their Destination

14 Sep, 2016

The autonomous vehicle has methodically evolved to the point where it is accepted as a near-term technology. ...More >

G.fast Keeps Copper Center Stage

13 Sep, 2016

G.fast has been in the pipeline for several years and is now beginning to emerge. ...More >

Microsoft Updates Its IoT Platform

09 Sep, 2016

Updates to Microsoft's IoT platform, mobile malware and 5G are in the news this week. ...More >

Iris Scanning May Be the Next Big Step in Security

08 Sep, 2016

Iris scanning is showing up in devices and may be on the iPhone 8 and other Apple devices. It’s also getting interest from at least one big manufacturer. ...More >

Carrier Ethernet Plays an Ever-Larger Networking Role

07 Sep, 2016

Carrier Ethernet is a potent and increasingly important tool as overall bandwidth demand and the need for flexibility both increase. ...More >

The Transition to Less Expensive Smartphones Continues

06 Sep, 2016

A number of trends point to the transition of the smartphone business from North America and Western Europe. ...More >

Ericsson Introduces 5G New Radio

02 Sep, 2016

5G NR and court cases are in the news this week. ...More >

Natural Language Processing: Business Finds Its Voice

01 Sep, 2016

Some technologies are perfect targets for natural language processing (NLP) and virtual assistants. ...More >

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