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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Autonomous Vehicles Are Approaching Their Destination

14 Sep, 2016

The autonomous vehicle has methodically evolved to the point where it is accepted as a near-term technology. ...More >

G.fast Keeps Copper Center Stage

13 Sep, 2016

G.fast has been in the pipeline for several years and is now beginning to emerge. ...More >

Enterprise Wearables on the Fast Track

12 Sep, 2016

The mobile app development world is changing dramatically as innovation moves beyond tablets and mobile phones to the possibilities that wearables bring. ...More >

Microsoft Updates Its IoT Platform

09 Sep, 2016

Updates to Microsoft's IoT platform, mobile malware and 5G are in the news this week. ...More >

Iris Scanning May Be the Next Big Step in Security

08 Sep, 2016

Iris scanning is showing up in devices and may be on the iPhone 8 and other Apple devices. It’s also getting interest from at least one big manufacturer. ...More >

Carrier Ethernet Plays an Ever-Larger Networking Role

07 Sep, 2016

Carrier Ethernet is a potent and increasingly important tool as overall bandwidth demand and the need for flexibility both increase. ...More >

The Transition to Less Expensive Smartphones Continues

06 Sep, 2016

A number of trends point to the transition of the smartphone business from North America and Western Europe. ...More >

Ericsson Introduces 5G New Radio

02 Sep, 2016

5G NR and court cases are in the news this week. ...More >

Natural Language Processing: Business Finds Its Voice

01 Sep, 2016

Some technologies are perfect targets for natural language processing (NLP) and virtual assistants. ...More >

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