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Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

Google Fiber Changing Direction

12 Aug, 2016

News this week included Google Fiber moving toward wireless, the Quadrooter Android flaw, good news for SD-WANs, and easier equipment installations in historic buildings. ...More >

FCC, Muni Broadband Lose Big at the 6th Circuit

11 Aug, 2016

The municipal broadband issue is important to the extent that limitations imposed by states make gaps in broadband coverage likely to be larger and more numerous. ...More >

Apple and Intel Acquire AI Properties

10 Aug, 2016

AI is a powerful and ubiquitous tool and Apple, Intel and others don’t want to be left behind. ...More >

Security Remains the Big BYOD Issue

09 Aug, 2016

Over the last five years, a lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same with BYOD. The changes are to the types and sophistication of security employed. The constant: Security is, by far, the biggest concern. ...More >

Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Evolving into Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

08 Aug, 2016

DRaaS, whether or not it is the same or slightly different than DR/BC, is growing. ...More >

Apple Struggles in India

05 Aug, 2016

News this week included Apple and other smartphones in developing countries, wireless and broadband performance across the U.S., LTE on trains, and combining robotics with BC/DR. ...More >

Smart Homes, Microsoft and the Networks Beyond

04 Aug, 2016

With smart homes, a lot of money is on the table and a lot of powerful companies, in addition to Microsoft, are vying for it. ...More >

Things Looking Up for Drones

03 Aug, 2016

It has long been clear that drones will play a big role in corporate and civic life. We are at the point now at which the government and industry are working through the technical and regulatory issues. ...More >

Verizon Maps a Path into Fleet Management

02 Aug, 2016

Fleet management companies have developed extraordinarily strong software suites. The GPS-type services with which consumers are familiar are just the tip of the iceberg. ...More >

DNC Hack Parallels Critical Infrastructure Insecurity

01 Aug, 2016

Even though the DNC is not critical infrastructure, the hacking of the DNC computers, if it is for a moment assumed that the Russians are responsible, illustrates the stakes. ...More >

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