Data and Telecom : March 2016 Archives

Companies’ communications strategies must be agile in a rapidly evolving market

The Hidden Risks of Instant Messaging

30 Mar, 2016

Instant messaging (IM) is a great example of a threat that hides in plain sight. ...More >

The World Gears Up for 5G

29 Mar, 2016

5G tests, trial announcements and technical work are hitting high gear. ...More >

The FCC Should Have Zero Tolerance for Zero Rating

28 Mar, 2016

It is hard to understand how zero rating plans do not violate net neutrality laws that are on the books. ...More >

Is Moore’s Law on the Verge of Repeal?

25 Mar, 2016

News this week included the waning of Moore's Law, an Uber reward for hackers, and artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. ...More >

Grand eTheft Auto

23 Mar, 2016

The most dramatic impact of wireless hacking of connected cars involves things that haven’t happened yet. ...More >

The Road to the Benefits of SDNs Is Long and Complex

22 Mar, 2016

Transitioning to SDNs is one of the most complex things an enterprise can do. ...More >

Drone Security: Another Thing to Worry About

21 Mar, 2016

We have a lot to be afraid of in modern technology, and drones are high up on the list. Let’s hope federal and state legislators can cooperate to take the dangers down a notch. ...More >

Google: Put Rules for Autonomous Vehicles in Express Lane

18 Mar, 2016

News on autonomous vehicles, Project Rigel and quantum computers. ...More >

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

16 Mar, 2016

Is AI real intelligence or just extreme number crunching? ...More >

Why NFV Transitions Won’t Meet Original Timeframes

15 Mar, 2016

Though the business case for SDN and NFV remains strong, it is possible that time to market, cost and other variables could make the overall picture a bit less attractive. ...More >

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