Top Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tools for the Enterprise in 2019


The mobile landscape has exploded during the past decade or two. Consequently, many approaches to controlling that environment have emerged. The field has mainly coalesced into three categories: mobile device management, mobile application management, and enterprise mobility management (MDM, MAM and EMM). MDM and MAM are subsets of EMM, which also has its own unique qualities. Identity access management (IAM) is also related but not directly grouped with the other categories.

MDM is a major element of the fight to secure devices and there are many ambitious options in the MDM sector. Following are key facts about leading MDM platforms from Baramundi, Codeproof, IBM, MobileIron, Cisco Meraki, SOTI, VMware, Microsoft Intune and ManageEngine.


Best MDM Tools & Vendors


Baramundi Management Suite with Mobile Devices Module

The platform covers the entire device lifecycle, simplifying configuration using cross-platform user profiles. Devices are fully managed, including outside the company network, and private devices used in BYOD scenarios are managed. The platform offers mobile application management functionalities including blacklisting and whitelisting.


Codeproof Technologies

Signup and enrollment can be done in less than three minutes. The platform features a tab-based policy editor and mobile management device tree. Policy inheritance features enable policies to be set at the group levels, with different policies at the sub-group or node levels. Security policies and restrictions are instantly updated through a centralized dashboard.


IBM MaaS360 with Watson

The Advisor platform relies on Watson, Big Blue's distributed artificial intelligence technology, to provide a wide range of information to IT and security personnel. Single sign-on (SSO) via MaaS360 Identity Management enables quick access to approved apps and other security-related features. Patch and update management identifies macOS and Windows laptops that are out of compliance and pushes updates or schedules installations to eliminate the problem.


MobileIron’s MDM platform

tightly couples mobility and cloud services. The MDM platform separates personal and business data on the device, enforces encryption and security policies and uses certificate-based authentication. The automated security element has a tiered and automated compliance engine. Threat scans are continually conducted.

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Soti's platform has three elements. SOTI MobiControl is an enterprise mobility solution that secures, supports and manages Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows devices. SOTI Assist is a help desk solution that provides quick analysis and resolution of mobile device and application issues from anywhere, at any time. SOTI Snap reduces the cost and complexity of mobile app development and allows connection with backend systems.


VMware Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

VMware’s platform unifies endpoint management across all operating systems, including QNX and Tizen. VMware's MDM simplifies access and application management and delivers secure access to cloud, mobile, web and Windows applications on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. Workspace ONE UEM offers a "layered and comprehensive security approach that encompasses the user, endpoint, app, data and network." ONE UEM simplifies deployment, streamlines application delivery and automates patching.


Microsoft Intune

InTune provides agnostic enrollment, registration, and management of devices. It provides extensive device inventory and management functions that distinguish between devices owned by the organization and personal devices. InTune and Azure together offer management and visibility of assets and data valuable to the organization.

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Cisco Meraki System Manager

The System Manager platform is highly customizable and simplifies cross-operating system endpoint management with a strong focus on integrating with customer networks to share endpoint visibility and apply policies. Android Enterprise, Chrome OS, iOS, macOS, Windows and Apple TV devices are managed. System Manager supports hundreds of device-level restrictions and complete application management support.


ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

The platform offers customizable policies that secure data at rest, in use and in transit. The platform aims to eliminate shadow IT with seamless management and distribution of both in-house and store apps to employee- and corporate-owned devices. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus sets up automated enrollment that brings mobile devices under management before they are unboxed. Enrolled devices are auto assigned to groups based on internal department. Properties associated with the device, including security policies, access controls and apps, are automatically applied.

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Top Mobile Device Management Tool Comparison Chart 

The following chart details top features and points of comparison for these leading MDM tools:

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