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Carrier Ethernet Looks Forward to a Big Year in Business and Home

24 Feb, 2017

The Carrier Ethernet (CE) market is either doing well or undergoing challenges. It all depends on who you talk to. The major players weigh in.

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Robotic Process Automation Takes on the Data Challenge

23 Feb, 2017

Whatever the details, RPA as a category is expanding rapidly, and possibly freeing humans for more sophisticated jobs.

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Addressing the Cybersecurity Career Gap

22 Feb, 2017

It seems like those interested in a career in cybersecurity should have no problems finding a job or advancing up the ladder. But problems in education, job listings and realistic expectations abound.

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The Year Ahead in 5G Trials

21 Feb, 2017

The new 5G standard, which promises to just about wipe away the gap between wireless and wired connections, will be a huge step forward. Carriers weigh in on their plans.

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Gigabit PON Ups Its Game

06 Feb, 2017

The XPS PON and NG-PON2 updates to Gigabit PON technology are key tools to the goal of vendors and carriers to upgrade the capacity of the networks upon which they rely while spending as little money doing it as possible.

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