Articles : November 2010 Archives

RENs, the Commercial Network and the 'Next Big Thing'

30 Nov, 2010

So, what comes next?   Wired and wireless networks, advanced devices and applications are arriving with lightning speed. The pace of change is, if anything, accelerating. There seems to be no...More >

The Evolution of Internet2 Speeds Up

15 Nov, 2010

Internet2-a superfast network used by researchers and academic institutions that need to traffic huge loads of data-is futuristic and a bit exotic. But look no further than an application...More >

Who Pays, and How, for Corporate Smartphones?

12 Nov, 2010

An employer's choice between encouraging (or even demanding) that workers bring their own devices to work or providing them as they do PCs and desktop phones is one of the most important high-level...More >

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