Zenoss Service Dynamics Platform Helps IT Wrangle Big Data

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    Four Steps to a Big Data Strategy

    One of the biggest challenges of IT is managing the sheer volume of data and events that administrators are asked to deal with each day. With that issue in mind, Zenoss has added IT analytics capabilities to the Zenoss Service Dynamics IT management platform.

    Designed to complement an existing real-time service assurance engine that underpins the Zenoss platform, Zenoss CTO Alan Conley says the new columnar engine gives Zenoss Big Data analytics capabilities that make it possible for IT organizations to make sense of the massive amounts of machine data that is generated on a daily basis.

    By making use of the data, Conley says IT organizations can lay the foundation for the auto-scaling or auto-recovery of IT operations based on the parameters and conditions they determine. That latter capability, says Conley, is critical because rather than simply automating everything and hoping for the best, IT organizations can create a set of automated processes that includes the ability to add checks and balances that would prevent errors from accidentally being promulgated across the entire enterprise.

    In addition to adding support for a columnar database, the latest version of Zenoss Service Dynamics also includes a new HTML5 user interface and application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easier to integrate the Zenoss management platform with overall IT environment.

    The average administrator has to manage many systems, and today that number is much higher than it used to be. To be able to manage even more systems, administrators now rely more on greater levels of automation across the entire IT environment. And to automate those systems, administrators depend on information gleaned from piles of Big Data. This is why having strong data analytics capabilities has become a necessity.

    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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