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    Does an unfilled niche exist in the workplace between voicemail, instant messaging, videoconferencing and video chat, and social messaging in its various forms?

    The creators of Movy believe they can fill that niche with their mobile video voicemail/messaging app, currently available on Google Play for Android and soon to be available on iTunes for Apple devices.

    The Movy app is aimed at users who cannot synchronously video chat, but want a visual element to their communication and collaboration. With Movy, video messages of “any length” can be recorded, and then sent to other Movy users; group messages are possible, too. The recipient can then record a video response and send that along. Users who do not have the app or an Android device can receive the message link in email or through social media. Existing videos can be sent through Movy, as well.

    An interesting article on Technically Delaware describes the Joyce Co., which funds a wide variety of startups, including Movy, with an aggressive strategy that involves starting with an identified problem, then moving on to a solution, then raising capital and hiring a team.

    Movy claims around 50,000 customers about five months after the first release. Aiming at as large an international customer base as possible led the company to start with the Android platform, and Joyce Co. executives indicated to Technically Delaware that they plan to grow the Movy team significantly.


    However, the space is likely to fill up fast, with big players like Microsoft-owned Skype also launching similar video message apps. Skype Qik, which is not as fully functional as Movy, limits the length of video right now. It promises to appeal to many users concerned with privacy and control of their content, though, as the video messages cannot be forwarded or posted to social media from the app, says USA Today.

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