Salesforce AppExchange Provides Apps for Business Data on the Go

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    Many small to midsize businesses use for CRM because the company provides special products and pricing just for smaller organizations. What might be just as helpful, though, is its Salesforce AppExchange, a market space of mobile apps that provides countless services right from a Salesforce account. Many of these apps integrate data with Salesforce to provide specialized, targeted information while you’re on the go.

     From the Home page, apps can be sorted by Popular, New and Free categories. The Home page also features an interesting motivational app program that uses “Game Techniques” to promote adoption of Salesforce culture by your users. You can inspire users to compete with sales, connect with peers to compare performance results and goal achievements, and earn badges for each sales process that users master.

    Under the tab Collections, small businesses will find a series of apps designed specifically for that sized organization. Apps listed there include CloudAmp Analytics Dashboards, Do project management and Concurforce expense management. These apps sync with Salesforce, which saves time and energy.

    Further categories by which apps can be sorted are:

    • Sales
    • Customer Service
    • Marketing
    • IT & Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Finance
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Collaboration
    • Analytics

    In addition, you can filter the apps by price, by Salesforce edition, by rating and by languages available.

    As Anna Rosenman, senior manager of product marketing for, explains, smartphones and tablets can bring productivity to workers’ fingertips:

    You start the day with a swiss army knife in your hand, and it is called a smartphone. It is your alarm clock, calendar, camera, and GPS. And, as you navigate your day—whether waiting for a train, in line at a coffee shop, or in the back of a taxicab—you pull out that phone and get stuff done.

    Having applications that are tied together, such as these Salesforce apps, allows employees to hit the ground running each day, with integral information in front of them no matter where they are.

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