Kloudless Organizes Email File Attachments in the Cloud

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    As many SMBs rely on Gmail as their email client, it stands to reason that they also use quite a few of the perks and apps that go along with it, such as Google Calendar and Chrome. But many may not realize that other apps are available that can make the workday go more smoothly.

    For instance, Dropbox, Barracuda Copy, SugarSync and Egnyte are all cloud storage services that allow SMBs and others to store and share important documents and files from any computer or mobile device that connects to the Internet. And now, Kloudless has created an extension that simplifies the organization of those attachments and documents between Gmail and the cloud.

    The Kloudless product is now available for use with Firefox and Outlook 2010 and 2013. And mobile apps will be available soon.

    According to an email conversation with Eliot Sun, CEO and co-founder of Kloudless, the best part of the company’s product is that it is simple to use. That is a major perk for small businesses that do not have a dedicated IT staff to administer new technologies to users. Sun says it’s an integral part of the company’s philosophy:

    Kloudless products are completely self-serve at this time. With consumerization being such an influential movement, we decided to focus on ease-of-use for the end user and back-end security to make IT comfortable with their users downloading Kloudless.

    Our design philosophy is to build products that are intuitive and work out of the box, so there is zero learning curve involved in using them. A stringent focus on how we handle data and new access control features have been crucial for acceptance by IT, who do not currently have admin capabilities.

    As for other reasons that Kloudless makes sense for SMBs, Sun believes that making a product that is easy to install and use is important. It allows small business users to download their own extensions, experience minimal setup, and start using it right away:

    Self-installation enables SMBs to empower their workers to get started on Kloudless within minutes. Kloudless streamlines the process of dealing with email attachments. Files are often lost in email, but with Kloudless, it’s easy to move them to a central location in the SMB’s cloud storage service. With cloud storage and automation rules built into the inbox, employees can worry about doing their jobs, rather than wasting time filing away attachments. We know SMBs don’t have the bandwidth for complex installations and are often using free or low-cost cloud storage. A company can easily use Kloudless with a cloud storage service they already pay for, to create a cheap file backup system.

    With the Kloudless extension, users can set their own rules in order to automatically transfer email attachments to their cloud storage service. This ensures that important files and documents are saved and not lost and that they can be shared and accessed from just about anywhere. Kloudless also provides built-in security for file sharing via access controls that allow users to set passwords to links that access documents in the cloud. Users can also set an expiration time so that someone who has access to a file cannot use it indefinitely.

    Although Kloudless is a fairly new company, it has seen adoption of its products by many small and midsize businesses along with enterprise companies such as SoftBank, Twitter and National Geographic. Its recent partnerships with Barracuda Copy and other cloud storage providers including Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Drive, SugarSync and Bitcasa are allowing it to further reach business users across many platforms.

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