IBM Makes Watson Analytics Available via Mobile iOS App

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    Most of the interaction any end user is likely to have with cognitive computing capabilities enabled by the IBM Watson platform is via a third-party application that has embedded that functionality within. Now IBM wants to start providing some of those applications itself via the Apple App store.

    IBM announced today that it has made available a Watson Analytics Mobile App that allows end users to query a cloud service consisting of an IBM analytics application imbued with Watson cognitive computing functions. Marc Altshuller, general manager for business analytics at IBM, says the goal is to make it possible for end users to download a mobile analytics application from the Apple app store that enables them to familiarize themselves with how to employ Watson analytics within the context of their own data assets.

    Previously, IBM has made a Web version of Watson Analytics available, but Altshuller says the mobile version running on Apple iOS devices gives end users more control of the entire process.

    “End users can download the app on their own and immediately start to load their own data,” Altshuller.


    Making it easier for end users to load their own data addresses one of those issues that often holds back broader adoption of analytics applications. Rather than waiting for someone in the internal IT department to load data, Altshuller says, end users can immediately start invoking analytics against the data sets that matter most to them.

    In general, the average end user doesn’t regularly engage daily with cognitive computing applications just yet. But once these applications start showing up in the Apple store, it’s now only a matter of time before end users figure out just how much more insightful they can become using a little artificial intelligence optimized to see patterns that they might not ever otherwise discover on their own.




    Mike Vizard
    Mike Vizard
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