Five Ways Traditional BPM Will Fail

    Businesses today have a wealth of technology options at their fingertips, but what platform is best for activities like task management and workflow automation? Comindware says a business process management (BPM) software system is a good choice, but not your traditional BPM – we’re talking about adaptive, flexible BPM. Read on to find out why traditional BPM will fail you.

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    Click through for five ways traditional BPM technology will fail your organization, as identified by Comindware.

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    Consider the learning curve that accompanies any new technology system. It takes a good amount of time to understand new features and how to use them effectively – time that could be spent on your actual job. Traditional BPM technology is not user-friendly.

    Tip: Look for a system that has a similar interface to the one you’re used to (e.g., a Microsoft Outlook inbox look/feel).

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    Remember that business continuity is key. Starting and stopping your workday to create, recreate and manage a traditional BPM system can put a major damper on your productivity.

    Tip: Find a system that allows you to constantly work on processes, tasks and documents, while also collaborating seamlessly with your team – all without having to switch to another application.

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    For those who have created workflows in traditional BPM solutions before, you know how difficult it is to add new tasks and processes into an existing solution. Some solutions require you to redesign an entire system if you want to add a single new point in.

    Tip: Look for a system that is nimble and flexible, where you can add steps and processes on the fly.

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    There are always more processes to be made. Traditional BPM solutions, however, are often limiting in the number you can create and maintain.

    Tip: Look for a vendor who allows you to create as many processes as you’d like.

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    The cost of a traditional BPM solution can be very daunting and off-putting. While some larger technology solutions have BPM capabilities built into them, most traditional standalone BPM solutions are too costly to justify in an IT budget.

    Tip: Look for a solution that can be deployed based on the size you need (e.g., per seat/user) and adjust from there.

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