Tips to Counter Emerging Privacy Risks

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From online banking to social networks, many consumers use an email address as their account username. This makes it convenient to log in, but many are unaware that using the same email address across the Web makes it easier for hackers to worm their way into online accounts. Once an online thief knows an email address/username, it usually doesn’t take much work to figure out a password – a recent survey found that 61 percent of consumers re-use the same password across multiple sites – and consumers have practically handed hackers the keys to unlock all of their online accounts. The use of email addresses as account names makes major data breaches much worse. Not only is the account compromised on the hacked service, but if the email address and password is used elsewhere, it is easy to attack all those other sites and services as well.

Most people know what cookies are or know not to click on suspicious links, but there are a number of hidden online hazards that could present risks to unsuspecting consumers. Anonymizer, Inc., a global leader in online privacy, anonymity, and identity protection solutions, is observing National Cyber Security Awareness Month by shedding light on privacy risks of which users may not be aware.


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