The State of Enterprise Crowdsourcing

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So, what does the crowd like to do?

  • Twenty-four percent like data enhancement – CrowdFlower believes this is because there is a large supply of this kind of work, and everyone enjoys the sleuthing involved in confirming a location or a person’s name.
  • Twenty-four percent like surveys – everyone likes to be asked their opinion, and this is relatively easy work to complete.
  • Photo (13 percent) and content (seven percent) moderation are perhaps not as interesting, with slightly lower popularity. Sentiment analysts, at six percent, is perhaps in the same boat.
  • Content creation – which is usually the writing of short product descriptions – is in the single digits, but anecdotally on the rise as it takes a bit more creativity and contributors enjoy the result of their work.

Looking at both the demand side – the companies asking for work, or tasks, to be done – and the supply side – the people in the crowd completing the work, or tasks – CrowdFlower was able to show the complete landscape of enterprise crowdsourcing. The data comes from looking specifically at the types of projects their 50 largest customers are undertaking, and a survey they completed of more than 2,000 crowd “contributors” – those who complete these tasks. Through this research, they found some interesting things.


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